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The Stetind Declaration*

We have gradually come to realise:
That our way of life has fateful consequences for nature and humankind, and thus for all life on Earth.
The challenges we face as individuals and as a community are not merely of an economical and technological nature.
They concern our basic values and our fundamental conception of what it means to be human.

We acknowledge that:

We will:

Humankind possesses great capacity both to create and to destroy.
At this crucial point in time we will take responsibility and commit ourselves to thinking and living in a way that promotes life.

I/we will work to fulfill the Stetind Declaration.



*) After an initiative of Boerge Dahle a new edition of the eco-philosophy created
under and on the magnificent Arctic tower Stetind, rising1392 m out of Tysfjord near Narvik,
in the summer of 1966 by Arne Naess, Sigmund Kvaloey Setreng and Nils Faarlund.